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Tractor & Children

Welcome to Sheepwash Farm Day Nursery. My name is Charmaine Eagles and I am your nursery manager. Come and see our new purpose built facility on a working farm specifically designed to provide the best possible environment for early years education.

Babies Under 2

  • Full-time £273.00 p/w, including lunch
  • Single Day £61.00, including lunch
  • Sessions £31.00 per session, £36.00 per session including lunch (morning session) & tea (afternoon session)
  • Powered by 100% renewable energy
  • 4 Electric vehicle (EV) charging points
  • Situated on a working farm
  • Huge spacious facilities 
  • All weather soft play area 
  • Forest school area 
  • Vegetable garden/poly tunnel 
  • Shetland ponies and other farm animals 

Children Over 2

  • Full-time £270.00 p/w, including lunch
  • Single Day £60.00 p/day, including lunch
  • Sessions £30.00 per session, £35.00 per session including lunch (morning session) & tea (afternoon session)


Farm dog support

It is our aim and objective at Sheepwash Farm Day nursery to provide high standards of care and education.

At Sheepwash Farm Day Nursery we are committed to engage our children in the highest-quality teaching and learning to maximise their future and achievements. We are also committed in safeguarding our children ensuring/underpinning that child protection procedures are followed at all times.

Charmaine – Nursery Manager


Learning in the field

Our key principles are to offer an inclusive provision to meet each child’s individual needs and to promote equality of access and opportunity regardless of differences in gender, race, ability, disability or creed.

To provide a rich and varied environment that will challenge and stimulate children’s curiosity and imagination both indoors and outdoors.

Our practice is underpinned by the following principles:

• Each child is unique and a competent learner
• Practitioners are knowledgeable and reflective.
• Children’s emotional well-being is of paramount importance
• Every child has a right to be valued and included
• Children enjoy learning and developing through a pedagogy/educational methods of play
• Parents/carers are notified, involved and fully respected, while their aspirations are valued and taken into consideration.


Our ambitions are to coach and stimulate our children’s education by:

  • Encouraging self-discipline, motivation, self-respect and respect for others.
  • Creating positive attitudes towards learning through involvement, motivation and achievement. 
  • Developing their character and resilience.
  • Emphasising positive relationships, secure foundations and partnerships with parents.
  • Developing the ability to understand and support the child in the family home environment and the wider community.
  • Providing first-hand experiences and encouraging children through purposeful play, curiosity and exploratory drive.
  • Actively encouraging imagination and expression.

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Tractor & Children

At Sheepwash Farm Day Nursery we have a team of enthusiastic and devoted early years educators. We are committed to ensuring early years educators are well chosen and suited to their role.
Each member of the team experiences a detailed induction process. Early years educators are obliged to attend training in first aid and child protection. They are also expected to have a full check by the disclosure and barring service (DBS formally CRB). Continual professional development is an integral part of our provision and all early years educators are encouraged to build on their practice.
Strong partnerships with parents and other professionals are created through a friendly and approachable team supporting the evaluation and improvement of our provision and keeping up to date with research and policies. Our policies are robust and produced by our leadership team. We have clear whistle blowing procedures and disciplinary actions are taken for breach of statutory policies. Practice is also monitored and supported by outside CCTV, annual appraisals and other effective strategies such as peer observations.

A friendly atmosphere is created within our nursery environments, based on warm and caring relationships between our nursery staff and the children in their care. Babies are encouraged to communicate, and their attempts at conversation are valued to ensure they receive an affirming experience, encouraging development, confidence and security. Our nursery staff all act as role models within the setting, and recognise that children lead by example and are constantly learning through observation. Common courtesy, mutual respect and patience are demonstrated at all times throughout our settings.

Your child is allocated a ‘Key Person’ within their room, who is responsible for your child’s well being, ensuring your child feels individual, secure and cherished while they are away from home. Your child’s Key Person will liaise with you at the end of each day, keeping you informed of your child’s experiences at nursery and ensuring you don’t have to miss out on any aspect of your child’s day.

Nursery staff carry out regular observations of every child in our care, ensuring your child’s learning and development incorporates their interests and needs. These observations cover all areas of learning according to the framework, as well as records of special moments, like kindness towards others or eating something for the first time, and spontaneous moments, which captures your child’s response to certain activities or events as they happen. All of your child’s experiences at nursery are recorded in their unique Learning Journal, enabling you to look over your child’s time at nursery for years to come.