learning development

Development, coaching conditional cultivation

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  • To develop positive attitudes towards learning and to display high levels of motivation
  • To develop independence and responsibility within a supportive and secure environment
  • To place an emphasis on positive and caring human relationships
  • To develop each child’s self-esteem through praise and encouragement
  • To provide first-hand experiences and encourage children through purposeful play
  • To begin to build links between home and school, valuing the contribution that parents make to their child’s education
  • To provide equal opportunities for learning irrespective of gender, race, cultural background or special needs
  • To provide a varied and challenging curriculum in accordance with the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage seven areas of Learning and Development
  • To educate the whole child emotionally, socially, intellectually, physically and spiritually
  • To carefully plan to meet the needs of individual children

Early Years Foundation

Sheepwash Farm Day Nursery wholeheartedly adopts and delivers the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

The Early Years Foundation Stage has 4 themes:

• The Unique Child 
• Positive Relationships 
• Enabling Environments 
• Learning and Development

These 4 themes are approached through the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum which consists of 3 prime areas of Learning and Development:

The 3 Prime Areas of Learning and Development

• Personal, Social, and Emotional Development 
• Communication, Language and Literacy 
• Physical Development

The 4 specific areas of Learning and Development

• Literacy 
• Mathematics 
• Understanding the World 
• Expressive Arts and Design

Key Persons
Each individual child within our provision has a specific member of staff given to them as their ‘primary key person’. At Sheepwash Farm Day Nursery we have a key person buddy system, this ensures that there will always be a person available to talk to about your child’s development if their primary key person is away.
The ‘key person’s’ role is to engage, interact, and connect with the child and their family. Our dedicated early years educators interact with, challenge, stimulate, and observe each individual child’s interests and development throughout their day, particularly in areas such as the integrated free flow of continuous indoor-outdoor play. Observations of the child’s interests, learning, and development are recorded and activities are planned around areas of individual interests, desires, and needs, as well as those of a group of children. Children are encouraged to play independently and as a group, with staff engaging when invited, yet continually interacting with the children to stimulate their young inquisitive minds.
At Sheepwash Farm Day Nursery we are delighted to be able to deliver a broad, balanced, and constantly evolving Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, and are proud to be part of the ‘Every Child Matters’ ethos.
We pledge to provide the very highest quality child care in a stable and caring environment which will allow each child to develop to their full potential. Our early years educators are caring and dedicated to your child.
Sheepwash Farm Day Nursery is committed to ensuring parents can confidently leave their children in our care knowing they are going to be well looked after. Your child’s well-being, happiness and enjoyment are paramount and is our number one priority. Our philosophy is to let our children strive through their learning & development to support valuing the learning children gain through play. All our activities are centred on the individual needs and interests of your child to help them gain personal independence and reach their full potential.

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